The services offered by PIA Promotion

The "Who is Who" database

A MS-Office (Access) database to make your own personal selections in the electrical 
and optical wire & cable industry on your Personal Computer.  (Edition 2004/6)

The worldwide "Who is Who" database containing more then ....

Who is Who

Address service

We maintain over 15'000 quality contacts from the wire & cable industry in our database. 
PIA Promotion offers a customized address selection upon your request. 
Get a sample or a selection offer or order.

Inquiry service


The Wire & Cable Marketplace

This is the Marketplace to buy or sell cables. insert your demand or offer in the Wire & Cable Marketplace and you will find very fast your business partner.
Please see details.
In addition, every manufacturer or distributor has cables and related products which are hard to sell. This is the place to find your customer. PIA Promotion has the audience to sell it fast. Insert your bargains in the fiber optics, wires & cables and related products in our Marketplace and deal direct with the customers for the best price.


Product locating service

PIA Promotion maintains thousands of company addresses with specific product information. We are able to select these companies for your specific product needs. Please, see our search service or ask us for details.

Hyper-link service

PIA Promotion offers you hyper-links from any page in the directories to other pages or web-sites according to your request. Please use the Hyperlink form.

The best and most advanced services for our members

Check details on our member index page.

Register service

All Companies of the cable manufacturing and related industry are welcome to join the directories of PIA Promotion. Please use the registration forms.

More services

HPB Consulting offers great additional services for the fiber, wire & cable industry. Check for details.

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